“I can’t work any harder and I don’t know how my business is travelling.”

“I don’t feel like I understand my business.”

“I made $300k last year, was it a good year?”

“Numbers give me headaches”.

“My accountant tells me I have to $50k in tax as I made a profit last year. But WHERE IS THE CASH?”

These are some of the most common refrains we hear from clients. These are all heart-felt cries for help for no-nonsense, simple ways to understand their businesses, how it operates, its financial performance and its ability to provide for a lifestyle.

How To Run Your Business More Efficiently

After having worked with numerous businesses from many industries, we found that the following process works the best in helping our clients:

  • Having regular meetings with them to help to spend time working on their business, not just in it;
  • Providing them with easy-to-understand and yet at the same time, sophisticated reporting on the key metrics for the business; and
  • Providing them with a sounding board to make decisions.

The centrepiece in our process is our ability to provide easy-to-understand reports focusing on the key metrics for the business. These provide our clients with the “hard numbers” from which they can come up with options and make decisions.

For example, it is no secret that the hospitality industry has had a tough time lately due to the lockdowns. It is now even more critical for the owners of restaurants and cafes to keep a close eye on their numbers. Here are some of the screenshots from reports prepared for a restaurant client. Accounting and Management reports like these have proven to be extremely helpful in helping the client in making the right decisions to thrive and not just survive in the current downtown.


Here is another example from a what-if analysis we did for manufacturing client, whose business received a bump in sales as they supplied products which were in high demand due to the lockdowns. In this case, they asked us if they can afford to invest in a particular piece of machinery to keep up with the increased demand, and we were able to answer their question on the spot with an instant profit and cash forecast which our purpose-built software is capable of.

Numera have helped many businesses to increase their profitability and manage their businesses more efficiently. If you would like to talk to one of our senior team about how we can help you understand and grow your business and improve its profitability, give us a call on 07 3002 4800 today or fill in your details below and one of the team will be in touch.