Financial Business Health Check

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When was the last time your organisation actioned a Financial Business Health Check, reviewing your internal controls & processing efficiencies?

Business Health Check

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Ask yourself…

  • Is your Board & Management aware of your end to end financial processes, and potential risks?
  • Do you have concerns that current processes are just “the way they have always been done”?
  • Do you feel processes could be completed more efficiently

What is the risk of not performing a business health check in the last 3-5 years?

  • Lost efficiencies from manual handling & processing
  • Insufficient reporting to management and the board
  • Increased risk of fraud going undetected
  • Reactionary decisions rather than proactive plans and strategy

Numera can provide a full review & walkthrough of your internal procedures and processes, including:

  • Review of your revenue, expenditure and payroll processes
  • Review of financial controls and potential fraud risks
  • Assessment of the quality/accuracy of financial reporting
  • Review of current accounting software to provide better solutions

This thorough financial business health check involves 2-3 days on site reviewing your organisation, and the provision of a full report to Management and the Board of our findings and recommendations.

What are the benefits of this financial review?

  • Potential cost savings – improved efficiencies of financial processing.
  • Low cost exercise with potential for high return
  • We deep dive into financial controls (not covered in an external audit
  • Protects the organisation, Board & Management from potential risk of fraud

Our highly experienced Brisbane team can provide a variety of financial management services to you including a business financial health check. From supporting you to make key financial decisions to helping you report your results against budgets, we have the expertise to help your business succeed.

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