Make the right decisions for your business.

Our bookkeepers provide a precise, accurate view of your business so that you can make the best decisions to take it forward.

Get the support you need to make better decisions

Focus your attention on the right areas

Our experienced bookkeepers make sure you get a precise and accurate insight on your financial performance. This means you can be confident you’re focusing on the right areas

Make timely decisions

It’s no good knowing how your business performed last month or last quarter. We’ll make sure you know how your business is performing in real time so that you can respond quickly.

Get more time to focus on your business

Save time by making sure your bookkeeping function is set up correctly in the first place. Our experienced bookkeepers take care of all this for you.

Are you getting the right insights on your business?

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“Numera helped us to realise we didn’t have a granular view of how each business division was performing. They worked with us to put in place the reporting systems needed to ensure we have a clear idea of exactly what is happening in our business." 
"“We were delighted with Numera. It was such a relief to be able to call upon this service when we needed it or when our office staff were just feeling overwhelmed!”

Why Numera?

Team of experienced bookkeepers

Our bookkeeping team have extensive experience working in all areas of bookkeeping. This means they have a comprehensive view of what your business needs to achieve.

We’re focused on your future

We work with successful businesses of all sizes and in all industries. This means you can be confident that we have the experience to anticipate your future requirements.

We’re well connected

We have alliances with key service providers including chartered accountants, financial and administrative providers and can provide you with connections where required.


We have associations with all software providers and can advice you on the most appropriate for your business.

Want to know more

We’d love to learn more about your business. Give us a call or complete the form below to talk about how we can help support your business.

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