Payroll Outsourcing Services

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Our payroll outsourcing services allow you to keep your business running smoothly and avoid the costs of an in-house payroll department. Not only that but you minimise your compliance risks and stay up to date with tax and superannuation regulations.

Outsourced Payroll Services

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Whether you are a small business with just a few employees or a large organisation with hundreds, managing your business payroll requires close attention to detail and can be a time-consuming process.

Our payroll outsourcing services mean you don’t have the cost of employing in-house staff to manage this for you and you can get on with running the business, confident that your staff are getting paid their entitlements on-time.

We can process your payroll and superannuation payments, including gross tax and net pay. Let us take care of your PAYG and payroll tax fulfilment as well as end of year payment summaries.

Leave Entitlements

Keeping track of your employees leave entitlements can be time-consuming particularly if you have a large team. We’ll calculate your employees leave entitlements including annual and personal leave, long service leave, time off in lieu as well as situations involving termination and redundancy.

Employee Timesheets

Tracking employees timesheets including taking account of attendance, time off and time worked can be a labour-intensive process for most small businesses. Numera can take care of the detail so you can get on with managing your business.

ATO Reporting Compliance

Staying on top of the latest payroll and superannuation regulations, such as the implementation of Single Touch Payroll, is vital for all businesses employing staff.  We take the worry out of accounting and reporting compliance with the latest Australian Tax Office procedures.

Managing payroll for small business can be such a time-consuming task requiring you and your team to be fully across the latest legislation.

Our managed payroll solutions take away the stress and worry by making sure your staff get paid what they are entitled to, on-time while keeping your business fully compliant.

Whichever accounting software package you are using, including Xero, MYOB, Quickbooks and Reckon, the team at Numera can help manage your payroll.

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Benefits Of Payroll Outsourcing

Managing your payroll can be both time consuming and complicated. The team at Numera can reduce the stress and free you up to focus on managing your business strategically and ensure your people are paid accurately and on time.

With payroll legislation changing constantly it can be hard for businesses to keep up with what needs to be reported. We will make sure you stay up to date and compliant with the latest regulations.

Outsourcing payroll management can bring a number of benefits to a company, including:

1.  Cost savings: Outsourcing payroll management can reduce the cost of maintaining in-house payroll staff and resources.

2.  Increased efficiency: Outsourcing can provide companies with access to experienced professionals and technology, leading to more efficient and accurate payroll processing.

3.  Compliance: Payroll outsourcing companies are experts in compliance with federal, state, and local payroll tax laws and regulations.

4.  Time savings: Outsourcing payroll management can free up time and resources for companies to focus on their core business functions.

5.  Reduced risk: Outsourcing can transfer the risk of non-compliance and penalties to the payroll provider.

6.  Improved data security: Payroll outsourcing companies typically have better data security measures in place to protect sensitive employee information.

7.  Scalability: Outsourcing payroll management can be more flexible and scalable as a company grows and changes.

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